Tata launched a new most affordable EV for India’s middle man with best Design, safety, Touchscreen and features

Tata Tiago EV has launched at the most affordable price with the best Design, Touchscreen and features | Tata has always made thought of a common man with his basic priority and his need, Tata Nano was a result of that company’s caring attitude towards middle man of the country.

when All electric segments in the country are too much costly and out of range from common man, Tata Motors again came to handshake with a middle man for his electric vehicle, So, Tata Tiago EV affords for this common man and complies all requirements of electric vehicle with best design, safety, touchscreen and features

Tata Tiago EV introductory price

Tata Tiago ev Design

Tata Tiago ev warranty

Tata Tiago XT ev Touchscreen

Tata Tiago XT (LR) ev touchscreen

Tata Tiago ev all colours

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