New Mahindra XUV800 top features and details

Mahindra XUV800 top features and details | Reports claim that the Mahindra XUV800 is expected to share a top hat or bodywork with the XUV700.

Mahindra XUV800 top features and details

In fact, the electric SUV has a wheelbase of 2,750mm and the overall silhouette is the same as the XUV700. The electric car gets a completely revised front and rear profile, an empty grille and new bumpers and lighting. The new Mahindra XUV800 is based on the company’s new electric skateboard platform.

The new XUV800 shares not only the silhouette but also the interior design, including the seating design, with the Mahindra XUV700. The new skateboard platform allows for a flat floor and eliminates the transmission tunnelling of the XUV800.

Mahindra XUV800 top features and details
Mahindra XUV800 top features and details

Mahindra XUV800 top features

However, the new model will come with new decorations and colour changes in the interior. It is also expected to get the Mahindra EV’s infotainment system, which includes pre-defined personal comfort settings that owners can change. The new Mahindra XUV800 is also expected to offer electric motors and battery cells from Volkswagen’s modular electric platform.

These cells will be imported from the Volkswagen plant in Salzgitter, Germany. All other electrical components except battery cells and motors are locally manufactured at Mahindra’s Maharashtra Chakan factory. The SUV has a battery capacity of approximately 77-82 kWh and is expected to have a range of more than 500 km. The top-of-the-range model will likely come with a four-wheel-drive configuration along with a dual-motor powertrain.

Mahindra XUV800 Launch date

  • First XUV 400 will be opened for customers in 2023.
  • Mahindra XUV800 will launch in 2024 for car lovers.
  • Aftet that, XUV 1000 will launch.

Mahindra XUV800 models

  • Mahindra group announced the upcoming 5 electric cars on this 76th independence, which will be launched year by year from 2023. The first Ev is XUV400, Then other Electric cars from Mahindra will launch accordingly.
  • Mahindra XUV800 will launch in 2024, company never opened model names, So, we have to wait until next year.

Mahindra XUV800 top model price

  • Mahindra XUV800 price will be slightly higher as compared to other recent segment cars, company is planning to make born electric brand and looking to provide premium personalised features.
  • all Mahindra XUV800 new model prices will be declared after launch of car in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mahindra XUV800 will be available in Petrol or not?

Ans – No, Company is planning to make the born electric brand, There are no chances of a petrol variant.

Technology used in Mahindra XUV800 electric

Inglo platform technology used in Mahindra XUV800 ev

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