Did you seen these advanced tech features of Mahindra Scorpio n, You will love it

Mahindra Scorpio N has made with most advanced tech features, Mahindra Scorpio N believes in user satisfaction and comfortness, these features will make happy while riding. Did you seen these advanced tech features of Mahindra Scorpio n, You will love it. Go with all techy features shared below:

1. Take Command of AdrenoX

AdrenoX, the intelligent cockpit technology, allows you to control everything. With over 70+ connected car capabilities, the immersive experience is taken to the next level.

2. User-Friendly Infotainment Display

Mahindra Scorpio n has a 20.3 cm touchscreen screen, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, USB, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Connectivity and entertainment are at your fingertips with Daddy.

3. Simply Ask Alexa

Even from home, you can use your voice to control features in Mahindra Scorpio N. Play music, listen to the news, check the weather, or even place an order for food. Simply ask Alexa, “Alexa, what can you do in the Scorpio-N?”

4. Only lets you feel every beat.

Experience 3D sound from 12 strategically positioned Sony speakers for an unrivalled background score on every trip with Daddy.

5. Use 4XPLOR to Control Every Terrain

With the most advanced Shift On Fly 4 Wheel Drive, 4XPLOR terrain mode (Normal, Snow, Mud, or Sand) automatically tailors traction for varied terrains.

6. Maintain Driver Alertness Detection of Sleeplessness

The AdrenoX-powered Scorpio-N detects tiredness and delivers you a vibration alert on your steering to keep you awake for every journey.

7. Mood-Based Drive Modes – Zip Zap Zoom Zip for a smooth ride,

especially in traffic. Zap to experience true Mahindra SUV performance. Zoom in for a more engaging and exciting ride experience.

8. Navigate Using Alexa -what3words

The world’s first SUV with Alexa enabled ‘what3words’ assists in navigating to a specific location using a unique three-word combination. Mahindra Scorpio N drives you everywhere.

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