Compulsion of six airbags by the end of the current fiscal year.

As part of a series of measures to increase safety in a nation with the world’s deadliest roads, India’s road transport minister anticipates finalising regulations requiring all cars to have six airbags by the end of the current fiscal year.

6 airbags compulsary and mandatory
6 airbags compulsory

The initiative was redoubled when Cyrus Mistry, the former head of Indian giant Tata Sons, died in a car accident on Sunday, reigniting the conversation about road safety in the fourth-largest automobile market in the world.

The draught regulations were made available to the public in January and were scheduled to be finalised a month later, but some automakers are opposing them because they claim it will raise the cost of vehicles. The government also intends to make alarm systems mandatory for auto manufacturers.

Top 4 things to know after 6 airbags compulsion

1. It has been determined that the M1 vehicle category will require 4 more airbags in order to lessen the effects of frontal and lateral crashes on the occupants seated in both the front and back compartments.

2. All outboard passengers are protected by two side/side torso airbags, two side curtain/tube airbags, and two side airbags.

3. In the end, regardless of the price or vehicle variation, this will guarantee passenger safety throughout all market groups.

4. The minister has stated that adding more airbags to compact cars would boost their price by at least Rs. 3,000–4,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Union Road Transport Minister want to make 6 airbags mandatory?

Ans – as per data, more than 150,000 people were killed due to 500,000 road accidents in 2021. So, 6 airbags going to make mandatory in all cars by the end of this year.

How many people were killed in road accidents in 2020?

More than 133,000 people were killed in 355,000 road accidents in 2020.

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